Person Enrichment Programme 2021 – 22 Semester 1

As a HKU student, building confidence, expanding social network, and striving for academic excellence may be your mutual concerns. Furthermore, you may also be keen on exploring your own interests and potentials.

In this semester, The Counselling and Person Enrichment Section (CoPE) offers a wide range of workshops and activities under the theme “Same but Different: Address shared concerns; Support individual needs” to help you build confidence, expand social circle, polish study skills, develop healthy lifestyle and explore inner self in a unique manner, so that you and your friends can be supportive peers and CoPE well together!

There are both face-to-face and online activities. Check them out now!


Online workshop: Online talk / workshop                   Face-to-face workshop: Face-to-face talk / workshop


Build Confidence

New! Mini Physical Theatre Face-to-face workshop
Effective Public Speaking Face-to-face workshop
New! Talk Your Way Out of Any Hot Spot – Improving Your Impromptu English Speaking Skills Face-to-face workshop


Expand Social Circle

PS. I See You – A Zoom Dating Experience Online workshop
Cross-cultural Speed Dating Face-to-face workshop
Peer Language Tutoring Online workshop


Polish Study Skills

Listening and Note-taking Skills Face-to-face workshop
How to Stop Procrastination Online workshop
Accent and Intelligibility: Breaking through Your Communication Barriers Online workshop


Develop Healthy Lifestyle

Calming Your Self-critical Mind with Self-compassion Face-to-face workshop
Good Mood Session Online workshop
New! Rest Well: A Dummy’s Guide to Quality Sleep and Power Naps Face-to-face workshop
Mindfulness Exercises for WellbeingOnline workshop
Core-stretch Relaxation Face-to-face workshop
RelaxaZONE Face-to-face workshop


Explore Inner Self

Self-understanding Workshop: Power of Career Interest Face-to-face workshop
皮革創作工作坊 Creative Leather Workshop Face-to-face workshop
香薰擴香器工作坊 Essential Oil Diffuser Workshop Face-to-face workshop
New! Pastel Nagomi Art Mini Workshop @ CoPE Ding Ding Face-to-face workshop
New! Balloon Twisting Handicraft Workshop @ CoPE Ding Ding Face-to-face workshop
Calligraphy Workshop @ CoPE Ding Ding Face-to-face workshop
Mindfulness x Dream Catcher Handicraft Workshop @ CoPE Ding Ding Face-to-face workshop


Be Supportive Peers

Mental Health First Aid Training Course Face-to-face workshop
Psychological First Aid Training Online workshop
SEN Peer Impact Network Online workshop Face-to-face workshop


CoPE Well Together

New! How to Focus Like a Pro? Online workshop
New! Worry Warriors: How to Cope With Anxiety? Online workshop
New! How to Stay Calm Under Pressure? Online workshop
New! How to Be Friends With Stress – The Art of Balance Online workshop
New! What if Tears Can Speak: What Does Sadness Tell Us and How to Cope? Online workshop
New! How to Rebound Under Adversity? Online workshop