Award Registration for 25th Recognition Ceremony

Share the Joy of Student Achievers and CEDARS Service Awardees

Students’ exceptional accomplishments and dedicated contributions are officially recognised by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS). Every year, CEDARS hosts a Recognition Ceremony for students who have excelled exceptionally in external competitions and endeavours as well as for those who have made sustained contributions in co-creating vibrant and impactful student life with CEDARS. This ceremony is to honour and celebrate the outstanding achievements and exemplary attitude of our finest students and to inspire the university community to learn from their dedication.

The 24th Recognition Ceremony was held in Rayson Huang Theatre at 3:00 p.m. on 10 April 2021 (Saturday).  At the Ceremony, awardees together with their families, teachers and friends shared their pride, happiness and triumphant moments, either in person or via Zoom.


Sparkle Unleashed Achievements outside Classroom

In 2020, 144 awardees are top winners of external competitions organised by reputable and renowned organisations in the region and of significance (Category A), and 23 are future leaders of significant enhancement in their non-academic learning and acquisition of skills and competencies in areas beyond their study programme (Category B). There are also 21 altruistic individuals who serve the HKU Community sustainably in the CEDARS Reward Scheme (Category C).

Have a glimpse of what HKU students achieved outside the classroom and how they made a different student life.

It’s your turn to — Dream, Sparkle and Shine.

Gratitude to Peers, Families and Supporters

Special thanks to the unsung heroes behind the success of awardees – the peers, families and mentors for their generous support. 


The full version of thank you message from awardees can be found in their winning stories.