1. Students and graduates who meet the criteria below are invited to register for the Recognition Ceremony:
    • Current full-time undergraduate/ postgraduate students or full-time graduates of 2022 with distinguished accomplishments from January to December 2022; and
    • Students of HKU SPACE and HKU SPACE Community College are excluded.
  2. Types of Awards and Achievements Eligible for Participation

    Category A: Winners of External Competitions / Awards
    • External prizes or awards from various disciplines are granted by reputable and renowned organisations in the region and of significance, i.e., winning top three awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze Award or equivalent).
    • For intervarsity contests and awards, at least three local tertiary institutions should be involved.
    • Public examinations/ academic scholarships are NOT eligible.

    Category B: Outstanding Learning Experience
    • Students have been involved in a significant way and for a period of time, enhancing their non-academic learning such as acquisition of skills and competencies in areas that are not directly related to their study.
    • Learning experience or activities, undertaken outside the University, are recognised on the basis of participation or self-initiation.

    Category C: Contribution to the Community
      • Up to five “Community Contribution Awards” will be presented to recognise and reward students who have implemented projects to bring significant impact to the HKU community or beyond, demonstrated by evidence.
      • The projects can be initiated by individuals or groups.
      •  Projects which are part of the study programme are NOT eligible.
      • Award recipients will be selected by an assessment panel consisting of student representatives, teaching staff and representatives from CEDARS including Dean of Student Affairs.

    Category D: Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards of CEDARS Reward Scheme
      • This category is not open for registration. Eligible students who have supported CEDARS programmes or activities from January to December 2022 will be recognised accordingly.
  3.   3. Students and graduates are highly encouraged to register their accomplishments for the 26th Recognition Ceremony, including those who may not be able to attend the Ceremony, as all eligible awardees will receive a commendation certificate to be issued by CEDARS.