Person Enrichment Programme 2021 – 22 Semester 2

As a HKUer, making new friends, enhancing interpersonal skills and maintaining a well-balanced University life are your common goals. At the same time, you may also want to gain a deeper understanding on your individual needs, achieving your personal milestones and unleashing your potentials.

In this semester, The Counselling and Person Enrichment Section (CoPE) offers a wide range of workshops and activities under the theme “Same But Different: Charm Your Own Wayto help you expand your social network, polish your communication skills, regulate your emotions, recharge your energy and support your peers! 

There are both online and face-to-face activities. Check them out now!


: Online talk / workshop       : Face-to-face talk / workshop


出Pool 101系列 Dating 101

PS. I See You – A Zoom Dating Experience (CSP3/21-22)
A Speed Dating Experience (CSP4/21-22)
NEW! Image Building – Personal Colours (IBC1/21-22)


升呢屈機系列 Shaping the Champion in You

Business Networking and Social Etiquette (BNSE1/21-22)
Effective Public Speaking (EPS2/21-22)
Talk Your Way Out of Any Hot Spot – Improving Your Impromptu English Speaking Skills (IES2/21-22)
Accent and Intelligibility: Breaking through your Communication Barriers (AAI2/21-22)
NEW! Physical Theatre (MPT2/21-22) 
興趣的力量: 自我認識工作坊 Self-understanding Workshop: Power of Career Interest (CIW2/21-22) 


調教你情緒系列 Regulating Your Emotions

Good Mood Session (GMA2/21-22)
Core-stretch Relaxation (CSR2/21-22)
Mindfulness Exercises for Wellbeing
NEW! Guided Forest Bathing
Master Your Worries
Mindfulness x Dream Catcher Handicraft Workshop @ CoPE Ding Ding
皮革創作工作坊 Creative Leather Workshop 


幫你充充電系列 Recharging Your Energy

Rest Well: A Dummy’s Guide to Quality Sleep and Power Naps (RWW2/21-22)
NEW! Good Night, Sleep Tight
Coffee Ground Glycerin Soap Workshop (CSW1/21-22)
Pastel Nagomi Art Mini Workshop @ CoPE Ding Ding
Balloon Twisting Handicraft Workshop @ CoPE Ding Ding 


撐你friend子系列 Supporting Your Peers

Mental Health First Aid Training Course
Psychological First Aid Training (PFA2/21-22)
SEN Peer Impact Network (SEN PIN)
Peer Language Tutoring
NEW! Naked Heart in the Dark (NHD1/21-22)