Tutorial Team

In addition to the full time administrative staff and to ensure smooth running of CEDARS-administered Residences outside office hours, live-in Junior Resident Tutors are invited to look after student residents. Below is the scope of work carried out by the Junior Resident Tutors:

  • To be a first contact point between the staff and student residents
  • To mediate roommate conflicts and respond to crisis situations
  • To assist with move-in/ move-out, maintenance and safety concerns
  • To hold casual meetings to share information and solicit feedback
  • To plan and facilitate living community enhancement activities for student residents

Junior Resident Tutors are essentially members of CEDARS and therefore are encourage and where necessary to enforce the rules and regulations of CEDARS-administered Residences.


Ching Lin Terrace Residence


Mr. Teng WANG

PhD Student

Faculty of Engineering

Email: wangteng@connect.hku.hk


Ms Yingda GUO

PhD Student

Faculty of Education

Email: yingda28@connect.hku.hk

Graduate House


Mr. Yixing LAO

PhD Student

Department of Computer Science

Email: laoyx@connect.hku.hk


Ms Iris YII

PhD Student

School of Biological Science

Email: u3009239@connect.hku.hk


Ms Shiqi PENG

PhD Student

Department of Social Work and Social Administration

Email: sqpeng@connect.hku.hk


Mr. Zelin LIU

PhD Student

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Email: zelinliu@connect.hku.hk

Student Flats


Ms Miya MENG

PhD Student

Department of Chemistry

Email: yangmmm@connect.hku.hk

Mui Fong House


Ms Wenxin ZHOU

PhD Student

Faculty of Education




Mr. Ian MENG

PhD Student

Department of Clinical Oncology




Ms Betty YI

PhD Student

Department of Real Estate

and Construction




Mr. Vincent LIOW

PhD Student

Department of Social Work