Graduate House

The Graduate House building, designed by renowned architect Mr. Rocco Yim and completed in March 1998, was awarded a Silver Medal – the highest recognition of architectural design excellence by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. It is a composite building consisting of a residential complex and a non-residential complex.

The Graduate House postgraduate residence refers to the residential complex, which provides 188 single rooms and 9 double rooms for full-time postgraduate students of the University. All the rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with fiber-optics and WiFi computer networking facilities.

Each double room has a self-contained shower room whereas two single rooms share one shower room. There is a student lounge and pantry on every other floor, and a multi-purpose common room for all residents on Level P1, the common floor.

Facilities & Services
Single Room – 188 nos. (shared bathroom for every 2 rooms)
Single Room Size – about 10.4 m2

Double Room* – 9 nos. (self-contained bathroom)
Double Room Size – about 17.9 m2

Residents are provided with basic furniture, a refrigerator and a computer point for access to the University network in their study bedrooms. All the study bedrooms are air-conditioned.
*Double Room is reserved for married couple only. Married couple who opt for double rooms will be required to present evidence of marriage before moving into the double room.

Defect Report Form for Graduate House
House Rules