Award Registration for 25th Recognition Ceremony

Share the Joy of Student Achievers and CEDARS Service Awardees

We are very proud of our students. They are our treasure. Students’ exceptional accomplishments and dedicated contributions are officially recognised by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS). Every year, CEDARS hosts a Recognition Ceremony for students who have excelled exceptionally in external competitions and endeavours as well as for those who have made sustained contributions in co-creating vibrant and impactful student life with CEDARS. This ceremony is to honour and celebrate the outstanding achievements and exemplary attitude of our finest students and to inspire the university community to learn from their dedication.

In light of the COVID-19 situation this year, though we were not able to organise the 25th Recognition Ceremony on HKU campus as previously organised, we would still very much like to share their pride and triumphant moments with you on this website.

In 2021, over 200 students received external awards.  45 students were awarded for their remarkable contributions in co-working with CEDARS in campus activities during the year.  To share their joy, you are invited to visit the following links: