Application Guidelines

  1. Please pay attention to the following notes when you fill in the on-line application form.
    • Ensure all information is error-free. Your name, faculty and achievement(s) will be included in CEDARS’ presentations, publications or publicity materials.
    • Provide your latest email address and day-time contact number. We will use these contact details to send important information about the Ceremony to you.
    • If the name of the achievement is available only in one language other than English, please provide the English translation on the application form.
  2. For Category C Awards, applicants should note the following specifications for work submission:
    • [Video – Horizontal version] File size: < 20 MB; Length: <= 1 minute; Resolutions: 1920 (W) x 1080 (H) pixels; File format: MP4
    • [Video – Vertical version] File size: < 20 MB; Length: <= 1 minute; Resolutions: 1080 (W) x 1920 (H) pixels; File format: MP4
    • [4-/ 6-/ 8-grid comics] Resolutions: 1080 x 1080 pixels (for each grid); File format: PNG
    • [Song] File format: MP4 for the song; MS WORD for the lyrics
    • [Poetry] File format: MS WORD
    • [Poster] File size: < 20 MB; Resolutions: 1080 (W) x 1920 (H) pixels; File Format: JPG
  3. You are advised to retain a copy of the completed application form for your own reference.
  1. Your provision of the requested information is obligatory as CEDARS will not be able to assess an application without complete information and supporting evidence. After submitting an application, if necessary, you will be requested to provide additional information or documents for consideration. CEDARS reserves the right to reject an application if you cannot provide sufficient and / or complete information.
  1. Upon verification of your information and assessment, CEDARS will notify you about your eligibility to take part in the Ceremony.