Sharing by Participants

ENGLISH-TO-GO Language Enrichment Camp for Children

Round 3 – Summer Camp (18 and 25 June 2022)

Primary School Teachers

Miss Wong (Precious Blood Primary School (Wah Fu Estate))

I would conclude the ENGLISH-TO-GO Camp with “3Ms”: ‘Meaningful’, ‘More exposure’ and ‘perfectly Matched’. The camp allows my students to learn English in an interactive and interesting way. The topic of making their own toys is what they learnt at school. So the camp helps consolidate what they have learnt in the textbook and prepare for their examination. The camp is very meaningful for my students.”

Mr Yuen (HK Sze Yap C&IA San Wui Commercial Society School)

“Thank you for organising such a fabulous event for my students. They enjoyed every activity of the camp and have gained confidence in learning and using English.”

Miss Pun (The Neighborhood Advice-Action Council (Cha Kwo Ling Centre))

“All the activities are very meaningful and interesting. It is a good way for children to learn English in a fun and relaxing environment. All the staff and students are very professional and they took care of every kid. Well done and good job!”

Primary School Students

Student from The HK Sze Yap C&IA San Wui Commercial Society School

“This camp is really meaningful, unforgettable and special for me. I learnt to share with others and be more creative. The camp tutors are really friendly and they taught us new thing we don’t know. ”

Student from The HK Sze Yap C&IA San Wui Commercial Society School

“T“I learnt a lot of English. I am more confident to speak English now. I want to speak more English in the future because English is a language spoken over the world. ”

Children from The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council (Cha Kwo Ling Centre)

“When we do the group activity in the camp, we need to work together and be very patient to complete it. We can’t focus on ourselves.”

Camp Tutors

Alana Zhou
Bachelor of Sciences, Year 2

“Throughout the 2 days, we brought friendship to the children. We played together and we connected with them. We also created meaningful learning opportunities for them as we used English in all the activities. They learnt how to interact with others, especially at this time when a lot of activities have been changed to virtual mode.”

Radar Yuen
Bachelor of Arts, Year 2

“I joined this camp because I want to be a teacher in the future. I would love to seize this precious opportunity to interact with children. In this camp, I brought children 3 things: the skill of speaking English more fluently and frequently, the skill of collaborating with others and joy. I also learnt to communicate with children in easy language, to interact with children of various personalities and to hold different activities.”

Samra Zulfaqar
Bachelor of Journalism, Year 1

“It was a great opportunity to meet people and to contribute back to the society. The camp provided children with a happy learning environment and they can learn to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. Meanwhile, I learnt how to teach English in a more fun and effective manner. I think it is really important because if someone does not enjoy what they are doing, they might not be motivated to learn English in the long run.”


Round 2 – Winter Camp (13 and 20 November 2021)

Primary School Teachers

Miss Lam (St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School)

Sharing by Miss Lam from St. Peter's Catholic Primary School)

“The camp activities are comprehensive which allow group work and whole class involvement. My students have wide exposure in applying English in an authentic environment. They were very engaged in using English and had lots of chances to answer questions. The camp helps increase their confidence on learning and using English in future.”


Miss Kwok (SKH Kei Hin Primary School)

Sharing by Miss Kwok from SKH Kei Hin Primary School “The games and activities in the Camp served the purpose of engaging my students. They spoke so much more in English ‘unconsciously’ because of the exciting activities.”

Miss Shum (Tai Po Methodist School)

Sharing by Miss Shum from Tai Po Methodist School  “The warm-up activities held in the lecture hall were engaging. Students gained the opportunities to explore their own potential during the activities as learning outside the school campus has become precious since the outbreak of Covid-19.” 

Camp Tutors and Tutorial Instructors

Chen Shuqi
BA, Year 1
(Camp Tutor)

Sharing by Camp Tutor Chen Shuqi “One reason of joining this programme is to widely explore my interests. As a university freshman, there are so many intriguing and unknown things await. I am very glad that at the end of this program, I get to know lots of fantastic people. They broaden my horizons and made me see different possibilities of enjoying university life. I am very honored to have the chance to contribute my little effort to the kids and to HKU. The most fulfilling moment for me is when these kids say to me that they love HKU and they thank for our joint efforts. As a BA student, I would also apply my new understanding of English to my daily studies.”

Gladys Uchov
BSc, Year 3
(Camp Tutor)

Sharing by Camp Tutor Gladys Uchov  “This camp helped me improve my communication skill because as we all know teaching is also learning. It offered me a chance to put my English in use while also learning from others. In this camp, I chatted and made lots of friends. We also talked a lot about the camp, discussing about the activity planning and organization. This also helped me to strengthen my use of English in daily life.”

Wang Han
BSc, Year 2
(Tutorial Instructor)

Sharing by Tutorial Instructor Wang Han “Being a tutorial instructor made me really consciously practise my English speaking and communication skill in front of many people which helped me with my poster presentation later. I also learnt the importance of leadership and the ability to accomplish things together with a team.”

Wong Pui Kwan
MBBS, Year 2
(Tutorial Instructor)

Sharing by Tutorial Instructor Wong Pui Kwan “The biggest gain for me was learning how to communicate with children of different personalities using different tones and choice of words. This programme teaches me how to talk to kids in English using the right way and give clear instructions in simple terms so that everyone can understand.”


Round 1 – Summer Camp (21- 23 July 2021)

Primary School Children

Primary School Teachers

Camp Tutors


ENGLISH-TO-GO Service Internship

Liu Wing Yan, Irene

BEd, Year 3

Intern at Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – New Territories Centre


“Being an intern for 2 months in the YMCA centre is a very precious and unforgettable experience, which enables me to become a better teacher in the future. My internship partner and I worked with other YMCA colleagues to organise different experiential programmes for children in English. Through this internship, I have sharpened my leadership, collaboration, organisation and teaching skills. Moreover, it is rewarding to see the children enjoy our programmes and have increased the confidence in using English.”

 Tan Ri Min

BEd & BSc, Year 4

Intern at Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – New Territories Centre

“This 8-week service internship provided me with an opportunity to serve students from disadvantaged backgrounds by organising different activities to enhance their English language competencies. I also gained valuable experience and knowledge by joining this service internship, especially those workplace skills to communicate and interact with the stakeholders. The internship allowed me to gain better insight into the world of work.”

Yekaterina Nassonova (Kate)

BFin(AMPB), Year 2

Intern at Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – Kornhill Centre

“ENGLISH-TO-GO Service Internship is indeed a great way to gain new knowledge and experience. During the internship, I have the chance to use my talents, creativity and strengths. Moreover, I acquire skills that will be useful in the future, namely business planning, and time management.”