About the Programme

English For “U” is a CEDARS’ co-curricular programme which aims to enhance HKU students’ language competencies by integrating language learning into daily life.

In this programme, HKU students will undergo a series of training and receive support, guidance and supervision in the organisation of two English enrichment camps (the first one in 2022-23 and the second one in 2023-24) for junior secondary school students. The programme promotes community enrichment through language use and application of both HKU students and camp participants.

Programme Participants

For each Camp,

  1. 40 HKU students will be recruited to take up the following roles and positions.
    • Camp Tutors: to lead the camp with a variety of learning activities in English for the kids to enjoy.
    • Tutorial Instructors: to demonstrate and provide a taste on the wide range of university student activities to the kids.
    • Student Hosts: to work with CEDARS on various aspects related to the successful organisation of the camp, such as graphic design, photography, event support, publicity, etc.
  1. 60 junior secondary students and their teachers from local Chinese Medium-of-Instruction (CMI) schools.


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