About the Camp


Every child should have equal opportunity to learn, grow and realize his/her potential. In Hong Kong, English is not only a study subject in school but also a gateway to experience other cultures and an essential language skill for future career. Many low-income families, however, may lack of a favourable environment and sufficient resources to support their children in learning English.


ENGLISH-TO-GO Language Enrichment Camp for Children aims to promote English learning in an interesting and fun way to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. HKU students will be trained up and empowered to organise a variety of interactive learning activities in English for these children. By creating an English speaking environment for the kids, they can increase their interest and confidence in using English in daily lives and HKU students can apply and practise their English in serving the community.

Three camps were organised on 21 – 23 July 2021, 13 & 20 November 2021, and 18 & 25 June 2022.


By using and applying English to organise the Language Enrichment Camp for children, HKU students are expected to:

  • Create an interactive learning environment and experience for the children from less privileged background;
  • Advocate equal learning opportunities for these children;
  • Increase children’ interest and confidence in using English in daily lives; and
  • Promote children empowerment.

Through the experience of university life and interaction with HKU students in the camp, children are expected to:

  • Increase interest and enthusiasm for English;
  • Gain motivation and interest for using English in daily lives;
  • Cultivate a positive attitude towards learning and acquiring knowledge; and
  • Have fun and a taste of university life.