ENGLISH-TO-GO Programme Logo

“ENGLISH-TO-GO Programmes” is one of CEDARS’ co-curricular initiatives to enhance HKU students’ competencies on the use and application of English in service-related activities and to extend their opportunities for cross-cultural interactions. With its dual foci on language enhancement and community engagement, participants will undergo a series of comprehensive training and receive support, guidance and supervision in the organisation of language enrichment camps for children, and service internships in Hong Kong or abroad.


The programme is designed to promote HKU students’ total language learning experience through real-life interactions and services. By joining the programme, HKU students are expected to:

  • Acquire proper and systematic training on using and applying English beyond classroom;
  • Build up confidence in English communication and public speaking;
  • Increase their sense of social responsibility and commitment on serving the community; and
  • Learn to lead and cooperate with other students in teams.