Highlights of Winning Pieces

External Award Winners

Amruth Alfred (PhD)
Kurt Gödel Gold Medal for Best Poster Presenter
“Gödel’s Legacy: Does Future Lie in the Past?” Conference
Bijle Mohammed Nadeem (PhD)
IADR Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Award
Chan Emebo Jimi Emenike (LLB)
Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students 2018/2019
Chan Hiu Fung (PhD)
Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Award 2019-20
Cheung Pak Hin (BEcon&Fin)
Best Presenter Award
HSBC Financial Dialogue Series 2019 – Financial Innovation Case Study
Gupta Sagar (BEng (CS))
Hult Prize – South East Asia Regional Final
Law Hoi Ting (BBA(Acc&Fin))
Bronze Medal (Solo – Contemporary Dance in Senior Division)
Bronze Medal (Solo – Oriental Dance in Youth Division)
Hong Kong (Asia) Solo Dance Competition 2019
Lo Kwan Ho (BBA(Acc&Fin))
2nd Prize
DB-SNU Business Case Competition
Tsang Cheung Yu (BEng(CivE))
JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19
Wong Hiu Yau Akemi (BBA(Acc&Fin))
1st Runner-up (Great Eagle Group’s Track)
HKGCC Business Case Competition 2019
Xiang Chen (PhD)
Leader of Tomorrow in St. Gallen Symposium
St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award


CEDARS Service Awardees

Chu Lok Hang Vincent (BSc)
Gold Award 
Sit Ka Man (BEcon&Fin)
Silver Award 
Sung Pui Yee (BSc)
Bronze Award