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Students Under 18

You may still be under the age of 18 at the time of admission to HKU. In this case, your parent/guardian is required to sign a consent form, without which the University may have difficulties in arranging some of the teaching and learning activities, and accommodation for you.

You will be generally treated as an adult and are expected to lead your academic and social lives in HKU as other students do. The University will correspond directly with you, but not your parent/guardian, on things related to you such as course enrollment, payment status of fees, academic status, results and grades, etc. Your parent/guardian will only be contacted in case of emergency or other situations where potential risks are involved.


Things to note:


If you are in need of student housing and are successful in your application, you will only be housed in University’s student residences such as Halls, Non-halls and the Residential Colleges.

Banking arrangement

Students under 18 must be accompanied in person by their parent or legal guardian to open a bank account at one of the local banks. The University is not able to act as your guardian in this context.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Students under 18 who plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Hong Kong should bring a consent form with the handwritten signature of parents/guardians for the said purpose.