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Medical Care and Insurance

Primary Health Care on Campus

University Health Service (UHS) has an on-campus clinic providing health and dental care services to entitled students. Primary care service at the UHS is provided by a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors. In general, medical consultation is free of charge, but some investigations and medication are at a cost. A notional charge is also levied for dental treatment and physiotherapy treatment at the University clinic.


Specialist Care and Hospitalisation

When specialist care and hospitalisation are required, students can consider using these services provided at public clinics and general wards of government hospitals.

To be eligible for receiving subsidised public healthcare services in public hospitals/clinics, a non-local student who has been permitted to remain in Hong Kong for more than 180 days MUST present a valid Hong Kong Identity Card when he/she is attending public hospitals/clinics for registration.

For a non-local student whose length of stay in Hong Kong is less than 180 days, he/she MUST present a valid travel document and student visa issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department with the label/sticker/stamp indicating that “one is not a visitor” and “one has not overstayed”.

Non-local students without the aforesaid document(s) are required to pay full fees for services and hospitalisation in government hospitals.

For details of the fees charged by government hospitals, please visit (Services Guides > Fees and Charges).


Insurance Coverage

Non-local students who are going to spend more than 180 days in Hong Kong are eligible to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID card). As it takes time to obtain the HKID card, you are strongly advised to get your own medical insurance to cover your first month of stay. If you plan to travel around Asia, you are advised to purchase medical insurance that cover all the countries that you plan to visit as well.

Many insurance policies are strictly on a reimbursement basis. Non-local students, even with insurance coverage, may have to settle the medical bill first before you can claim reimbursement. It is important for you to check carefully with your insurance company on the extent of coverage and claim procedures, and set aside a sum of money for contingencies.