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What Should I Pack

What documents should I bring?

 We recommend that you carry the following documents with you. To be safe, make photocopies of them.

  • a valid passport or travel documents
  • a student visa (you have to present your visa label / entry permit at the immigration counter upon arrival)
  • an original letter/notice of Offer of Admission from The University of Hong Kong
  • proof of funds available (e.g. bank draft, transfer of funds, credit, scholarship or other) and/or credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard
  • address and telephone number of where you are going
  • your medical records, immunisation records and academic records
  • documents with details of your insurance policy (if any) issued in your home country
  • for those who are married, marriage certificate if your spouse is accompanying you
  • a passport photo for student residence registration (if applicable)
  • a proof of your permanent address in your own country (e.g. original bank statements of the past 2 months in English, driving license)


What should I pack?

 Clothes & Bedding

  • You can expect sunny, bright and cool weather during winter, and occasional mist and showers from March to mid-May, so a shower proof jacket is desirable.
  • There is no heating system in Hong Kong and some winter days can be very cold. You may consider bringing a quilt and a cold resistant jacket for the cooler days or alternatively buy one in Hong Kong.
  • Linen and pillows are not provided in halls. You can get these items easily in the nearby markets of HKU campus. Some halls will lend you these items for the first few days.


Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment you bring should be compatible with Hong Kong’s voltage, which is 220 volts, 50Hz. The plug being used in Hong Kong has 3 pins in rectangular shape (British style socket).



  • Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city. You will be able to find most, if not all, types of cuisine here.
  • In case your flight arrives late at night, you may have difficulties locating a restaurant or catering outlet. You are advised to pack some light snacks such as biscuits or energy bars in your hand carry luggage.


Sports goods/music instrument

If you wish to participate in student sports teams or any other student clubs, you may wish to bring along your personal equipment or instrument.


Study tools

Computer facilities are available on campus and in halls. You may, however, wish to bring along your own laptop for use inside your room. Most of the campus areas and all halls have wireless network coverage for registered students. You may also connect to the Gigabit Ethernet via LAN port in your room at hall.