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Orientation Activities

At the beginning of the first semester, CEDARS, Admissions and Academic Liaison Section and General Education Unit organise an array of orientation and adjustment programmes, which aim to soothe the transition of the newly arrived non-local students. Students are free to choose from a series of activities. The activities, a mixture of fun, fact finding, visits and tours, aim to help the newly arrived to settle down, induct into the local way and get to know about the environment and people. Click here to check out the details of activities.

Survival Cantonese

The “Survival Cantonese” programme is specially designed for newly arrived non-local students. It aims to provide you an opportunity to practice some essential day-to-day Cantonese phrases with our native Cantonese student tutors so that you can better adjust to the life in Hong Kong. These one-to-one survival Cantonese conversational practice sessions are usually offered between the 4th week and the 12th week each semester. Please watch out for our email announcement.

First Year Experience