CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment Programme 2019/20 Semester Two

Peer to Peer workshop series

Puzzled to Peaceful workshop series

Passive to Proactive workshop series

  • Improving Your Concentration (Online session offered on: 16/04/2020 and 24/04/2020)
  • [Cancelled] Effective Public Speaking (EPS2/19-20)
  • [Cancelled] How to Say What to Whom (HSW2/19-20)
  • [Cancelled] Business Networking and Cocktail Party Etiquette (BNCP1/19-20)
  • [Cancelled] Self-understanding Workshop: The Power of Career Interest (CIW2/19-20)
  • [Cancelled] Professional Image Building & Western Table Manners (IBWTM1/19-20)

Rules and Regulations for Person Enrichment Workshops

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