CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment Programmes 2018/19 Semester Two

Exploring your Heart 問心.度心

  1. Understand Yourself: What is my Personality? (NEO1/18-19)

Spending Time with your Heart 耐心.內心

  1. NEW “Very You” 攝影工作坊 “Very You” Photo workshop (PHT1/18-19)
  2. NEW 皮革創作工作坊 Creative Leather Workshop (LTH1/18-19)
  3. NEW Creative Eco-wrap workshop (ECO1/18-19)
  4. Coffee Workshops Series

Calming Down your Heart 靜心.安心

  1. Mindfulness Exercises for Well-being (MRW3/18-19) (MRW4/18-19)
  2. Quality Sleep – Rise and Shine (QS2/18-19)
  3. NEW 漸進式肌肉鬆弛工作坊 Understanding the Mind-Body Relationship through Progressive Muscular Relaxation Exercises (PMR1/18-19)
  4. NEW Mean少陣空間︰重拾對自己的關懷 Self-Compassion Workshop: Re-connecting yourself with kindness (SCW1/18-19)

Strengthening your Heart with Confidence 自信心.決心

  1. How to Say What to Whom (HSW2/18-19)
  2. Effective Public Speaking (EPS2/18-19)
  3. 專業形象指導及餐桌禮儀工作坊 Professional Image Building & Western Table Manner (IBWTM1/18-19)
  4. Business Networking and Cocktail Party Etiquette (BNCP1/18-19)
  5. NEW A Cross-cultural Speed Dating Experience: Love Knows no Border (CSP1/18-19)

Igniting your Heart’s Passions 熱心.同理心

  1. Individual Peer Tutoring on Language (English and Cantonese)
  2. Special Educational Needs (SEN) Peer Impact Network (PIN) 2018-19
  3. Mental Health First Aid Training Course 精神健康急救課程

Training your Heart 強心.練心

  1. Leadership and Life Skills (LLS) Training Programme 2019

Rules and Regulations for Person Enrichment Workshops

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