Polish Study Skills

Listening and Note-taking Skills
How to Stop Procrastination
Accent and Intelligibility: Breaking through your Communication Barriers

 Listening and Note-taking Skills (LNS1/21-22)

This compact workshop will cover two topics central to academic success. An ability to listen efficiently to what is being presented in lecture halls, classrooms, tutorials, meetings and seminars is essential to success at university. Coupled with this skill is the important skill of taking effective notes so that key information can be recalled in a timely manner. This workshop will cover both listening and note taking in a thought provoking, entertaining and practical manner. It is designed to assist attendees of all levels and disciplines to get more out of their studies.

The workshop will require active participation of all attendees and is supported by a wide range of materials and videos intended to illustrate key concepts to these two essential life skills.

At the end of the workshop, YOU WILL BE:

  • Aware of the vital importance of active listening
  • Avid and comprehensive note takers
  • Aware of the importance of establishing a mindset for listening
  • Likely to curate and update notes and materials for quick and easy reference

Date: 25 Sep 2021 (Sat)
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm; 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Venue: MWT4, 1/F, Meng Wah Complex
Language: English
Class size: 15 – 25
Fee: $50
Deposit: $100
Trainer: Mr. Robert Barber
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About the trainer:
Mr. Robert Barber has lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years teaching and training in the British Army and more recently at secondary and tertiary level. Born in London he was educated in Ireland and the USA.  His lively courses focus on well-defined learner needs and established results-based practices.


How to Stop Procrastination (HSP1/21-22)

Have you left tasks lingering on your to-do list for hours, or days, or even weeks? Many students have experienced procrastination when they have to meet multiple demands or complete “unpleasant tasks”. The behavioral pattern of procrastination can be counterproductive and hinders you from achieving what you want. Nevertheless, there are effective ways to deal with procrastination. Join this workshop to start learning ways to handle the stress brought about by avoidance and get things done.

At the end of the workshop, YOU WILL:

  • Gain insights on individualized factors or patterns leading to procrastination
  • Acquire strategies to overcome procrastination

Date: 25 Oct 2021 (Mon)
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Format: Online workshop via Zoom
Language: Cantonese or English (If any participant does not understand Cantonese, the workshop will be conducted in English.)
Class size: 12 -20
Fee: Free
Deposit: Nil
Trainer: Mr. Philip Li, Clinical Psychologist, CEDARS
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Accent and Intelligibility: Breaking through your Communication Barriers (AAI1/21-22)

Do you feel self-conscious when interacting with fellow classmates or lecturers who are native English speakers? Do you want to improve your English accent so that you can communicate with others more fluently?

This session is conducted by a registered speech and language therapist. It is designed to improve your English accent and increase your speech intelligibility.

After this workshop, you WILL BE ABLE:

  • To gain a general understanding on the concept of accent and intelligibility
  • To learn about the benefits of increased speech intelligibility in your campus and social life
  • To better understand how certain sounds in English are made and how this commonly affects intelligibility
  • To gain knowledge about available or prospective services for improving your accent and intelligibility

Date: 8 Nov 2021 (Mon)
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Format: Online workshop via Zoom
Language: English
Class size: 30
Fee: Free
Deposit: Nil
Trainer: Ms. Imogen Dean, Registered Speech and Language Therapist
Registration: Click Here