Person Enrichment (PE) 1.0 Programmes

Study Smart Series

  1. Combating Procrastination NEW (WD1/16-17)
  2. Preparing for Examination: Effective Revision Strategies NEW (ERS1/16-17)


Confidence Building Series

  1. Effective Public Speaking (EPS2/16-17)
  2. Networking and Socializing in the Business Environment NEW (NS1/16-17)
  3. How to Say What to Whom? (HSW2/16-17)
  4. Image Building 1001 (Male & Female) (IBM2/16-17) (IBF2/16-17)
  5. How to be a Lady/Gentleman (Social Etiquette Training) (BLG2/16-17)
  6. A Speed Dating Experience (SP1/16-17)


Resilience Enhancement Series

  1. Relaxation Through Arts (RTA2/16-17)
  2. Quality Sleep – Rise and Shine NEW (QS1/16-17)
  3. Mindfulness Relaxation Exercises for Well-being (MRW3/16-17) (MRW4/16-17)
  4. Good Mood Group (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Group on Mood Regulation) NEW (CBT1/16-17)
  5. Coffee Workshop Series – Mini Cupping咖啡品評班(COMC3/16-17) (COMC4/16-17)
  6. Coffee Workshop Series – The Brew Journey各國咖啡器具沖調班(COBJ3/16-17) (COBJ4/16-17)
  7. Coffee Workshop Series – Latte Art咖啡創意拉花班(COLA4/16-17) (COLA5/16-17)
  8. Coffee Workshop Series – Latte Art Workshop (English) (COLA6/16-17)


Person Enrichment (PE) 2.0 Leadership Training Programme

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