Chat-on-Site Cultural Tours

Meaningful cultural interaction among a group of people occurs when they spend time together towards a common goal. For example, when a team of students visit a place in Hong Kong and explore on a particular theme, they often find the need to understand viewpoints and knowledge levels, communicate, learn and help each other out.

For you to find out more about Hong Kong and make friends with fellow students with a different cultural background, the best way is to take part in a cultural tour.

The programme consisted of two parts:

Orientation Gathering
In this event, participants from different cultural backgrounds will be divided into groups. You will be able to meet the GFP Ambassadors and your group members, and complete a series of ice breaker and team building games together. What’s more, exclusive souvenirs are prepared for you!

Chat-on-Site Cultural Tours
Our ambassadors will lead you to take part in one of the cultural tours in groups. You are expected not only to share your culture with your group members, but you will also need to communicate primarily in English and learn some new vocabularies in Cantonese.