Peer Support and Empowerment

SEN Peer Impact Network (SEN PIN)

SEN PIN is a vibrant student network that offers a range of service opportunities for students to work with people with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN), creating an impact that extends beyond the campus.

Take part in “SEN PIN (Peer Impact Network)”, a service opportunity to foster mutual understanding between you and your peers with disabilities/Special Educational Needs (SEN). Stay tuned for our recruitment via bulk email!


Peer Language Tutoring

Peer language tutoring programmes provide a platform for cultural exchange, and also an opportunity to build your social confidence and network at HKU.

  1. Join “Peer English Tutoring” as a Language Partner, an initiative to help your peers to enhance confidence in speaking English and social skills.
  2. Register for “Survival Cantonese” as a Cantonese Student Tutor, to help foreign students to learn essential day-to-day Cantonese phrases.

You are welcome to join Peer English Tutoring / Survival Cantonese to practice your language skills with native / near native speakers. Stay tuned for our announcement!