Featured Activity – Run to dream: the 5-legged team that covered 250km in 4 deserts

The "Five Legs Never Quit" Team posing during their race in the Antartica.

Completing an ultramarathon of 250km in some of the harshest places on earth is no doubt a testament to one’s endurance and determination. For Mr. Fung Kam-hung, a veteran runner in his late 60s whose leg was amputated in an accident, it might seem outright impossible. With his positive attitude, hard-work, determination and the unyielding support of his wife, Mr. Fung achieved the impossible – he is among the few (165 individuals to date) to complete The 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series (Chile, Mongolia, Namibia and the Antarctica), and the first to do so with an amputated leg.

In a very tragic accident in 1979, Mr. Fung lost his left leg. It was his prime years when he should be going full gear on his career – a high school physical teacher. This unfortunate turn of events is enough to turn anyone’s world upside down, let alone a person who embraces sports as his career and lifetime passion. Mr. Fung, however, found hope again when he met the love of his life: the nurse who was taking care of him in the hospital. Happily married to this day, the couple have completed the “Grand Slam” of desert ultramarathons in the team ‘Five Legs Never Quit’ with lawyer Mr Raymond Chak Man-lai.

We are very honored to have Mr. Fung and his team to share their experiences on building resilience and facing challenges. In a time full of uncertainties, we can definitely learn from their story of how to pick yourself up after falling down. The team will also show you precious photos and videos of their journey on these rough country terrains.

The talk will be livestreamed via Zoom. Both staff and students are the most welcomed to join us in this meaningful event.

Date: 28 Oct 2020 (Wed)
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Venue: KB223, 2/F, Knowles Building
Speakers: Mr. Fung Kam-hung, Mrs. Fung Chong Bing-ying, Mr. Raymond Chak Man-lai
Fee: Free
Deposit: Nil
Language: Cantonese (English simultaneous interpretation will be provided via Zoom.)
Registration (Face-to-face talk): Click Here
Registration (Live streaming via Zoom; the details will be released later.): Click Here