Person Enrichment (PE) 2.0 Leadership Training Programme

Know your strengths, unleash your leadership potential

Whether you believe that leaders are born or made, the PE2.0 Leadership Training Programme helps to bring out your potentials. In this programme, you will know more about the dynamic between you and your team and how you can make a difference according to your character. Set out to gain deeper understanding of yourself in this 7-day programme during semester break!


Major components

  • Workshops on self-understanding and teamwork (3 days)
  • Adventure Camp (3 days 2 nights)
  • Learning consolidation (1 day)


Key learning

  • Your strengths and areas for improvement as a leader and/ or teammate
  • Team dynamics and how it influences the performance, decision and direction of a team
  • Your personal values and how they affect your communication and collaboration with others


What’s special?

  • Training components are designed under the experiential learning model. You will have hands-on experience in working with others as a team.
  • You will receive objective and constructive feedback from your trainers and peers.
  • You will learn to reflect with depth and quality.


Programme Dates
Semester break in January 2018
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