Programme Description

The Community Engagement Programme (CEP) aims to equip HKU students with a comprehensive understanding on the challenges faced by the less privileged / neglected population in Hong Kong, and provide them with an opportunity to serve the local community and promote the development of a caring and sustainable society.

An increasing ageing population is becoming a major concern and trend in Hong Kong and worldwide. This Cross-generational Health Ambassador Programme will run from February to March 2020 with an aim to promote both physical and psychological well-being of elderly people living in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. In this programme, HKU students will be paired up with elderly volunteers, who work together to promote the importance of exercise among the physically week elderly people through four weekly home visits. Participants will be provided necessary training before the home visits. The finale of the programme will be a fun day for the elderly volunteers at HKU.

Learning Outcomes for HKU Students

Through the programme, HKU students will be able to:

  1. Increase their understanding on the aging population in Hong Kong, and the situations and lives of elderly people;
  2. Help promote healthy aging and senior volunteerism;
  3. Help promote the importance of exercise and improve the physical health of elderly people;
  4. Show support and care to the physically weak elderly people and their caretakers;
  5. Enhance their communication and cooperation skills and build up friendship with the elderly volunteers and other HKU students;
  6. Enhance mutual support and care in local community among its residents.

Programme Schedule

Activities Details Date &T ime Venue
Briefing Session Introduction on the objectives, requirements, expectations and structure of the programme. 5 February 2020 (Wed)
6:30 – 7:30 pm
Home Visit

1.    Briefing by CWNEC Staff:

a)   Introduction of CWNEC

b)   Understand the needs and characteristics of the elderly living in the district

c)   Learn the communication skills with the elderly

2.    Home visit to distribute soup to the elderly

8 February 2020 (Sat)
2 – 4:30 pm
Training Session

1.      A registered physiotherapist will provide training on:

a)     Principles and techniques of lifting and transfer

b)    Use of assistive devices

c)     Simple stretching exercise

2.      Pairing up of HKU students with elderly volunteers

20 February 2020 (Thur)
3 – 5 pm
Exercise & Physical Training for the Elderly HKU students with elderly volunteers (in small groups) will make 4 weekly visits to the physically weak elderly people’s homes to teach them simple stretching and physical exercise. 24 Feb – 27 March 2020
2 – 4:30 pm
(4 visits, one per week)

Chai Wan


Fun Day at HKU

To celebrate the successful completion of the programme, HKU students will organise a fun day for the elderly volunteers at HKU. Participants can share their joy and learning experiences with each other.

* Submission of activity proposal by 18 March 2020 (Wed)

28 March 2020 (Sat)
10 am – 12 pm
Evaluation Submission of Learning Journal and Programme Feedback to CEDARS 17 April 2020


  1. Have a passion to serve the aging population in Hong Kong;
  2. Aspire to promote a caring society;
  3. Can contribute their time, knowledge and skills to empower the targeted group; and
  4. Can work with other HKU students and elderly volunteers in a team to design, plan and implement the service activities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Engage in and contribute to all the activities listed under the Programme Schedule;
  2. Work in a small team to prepare, design and implement the service activities ;
  3. Provide feedback on the programme; and
  4. Share the learning outcomes and experiences to wider HKU community, e.g. writing a learning journal of around 300 words.


Interested students should fill in the online application form on or before 22 January 2020. Students will receive notification from CEDARS on programme arrangement on or before 31 January 2020.

Community Partner: Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre (CWNEC) of Chinese YMCA of Hong

Rewards for HKU Students

This is a pre-approved programme (pre-approval number: OOC-1819-PA022) under Credit Award Scheme for Out-of-classroom Learning Experiences. Students who have successfully completed the Programme will be eligible to earn 1 credit of the Credit Award Scheme by submitting an application to the Horizon Office for formal approval. Moreover, students who serve over 20 hours will receive a Certificate of Participation from CEDARS.


If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Student Development Team of CEDARS at

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