This programme is a series of ad hoc student-initiated cultural integration activities. It provides a networking platform and facilitates cultural exchange and integration of local and non-local students. Non-local students can get a glimpse into daily life in Hong Kong. Local students can benefit from their non-local pals in this ‘internationalisation at home’ programme as well. All activities are designed and implemented by HKU students, with the support of CEDARS.

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Past Events

A Peak with a View (11 Oct evening)
Let’s CHATnCHILL while moonwalking to the Peak on 11 October, 2019 (Fri). Both local and non-local students are welcome.

Nostalgic Central (17 Oct afternoon)
Spend a nostalgic afternoon in Central with your peers. CHATnCHILL during dim sum lunch and Tai Kwun Tour.

Chill the Sweetest, Seize the Breeze! (23 Oct night)
Your local peers will bring you to taste Hong Kong’s dessert in a local ‘Sweet Soup’ shop, followed by a site visit to Happy Valley racecourse during a horseracing Wednesday night. You can taste Hong Kong’ sweetness while feel the beat of local HongKonger’s favourite horseracing sports on an ordinary Wednesday night.

Have a Spiritual Escape: A Cultural Tour of Temples in Wanchai (26 Oct morning)
You will have a glimpse of religious diversity in Hong Kong by joining this quick tour of various religious sites in Wanchai. The tour will be followed by an optional lunch at a local HK style cafe, namely, Cha Chann Teng.

PMQ x Photography (30 Oct evening)
Explore Hong Kong’s cultural icon with your local peers. Immerse yourself in this iconic cultural oasis in Hong Kong’s CBD. Registration closes on 28 October noon.

Mahjong 1001 (1 Nov afternoon)
Come and meet your Chinese schoolmates and learn how to play the traditional Chinese social game, Mahjong, in both Hong Kong and Taiwan’s style on 1 November! Priceless comradeship instead of money is guaranteed in this non-gambling class. Enroll before 30 October noon !

Discover Hong Kong’s Long Island (2 Nov morning)
Explore treasure of Hong Kong’s famous outlying Island and have a taste of Hong’s Kong’s fishing port. Discover Hong Kong’s ‘Long Island’ and explore unique neighbourhood of this fishing port under the guidance of your local schoolmates on 2 November morning! Sign up before 31 October noon.

Tea’N’Chill  (3 Nov afternoon)
Milk Tea is a popular drink among the locals.  But do you know there is a difference between “Hong Kong-style Milk Tea” and “Taiwanese-style Milk Tea”? Find out more from your local and Taiwanese peers on 3 November! Registration is open until 1 November noon.

Cool Lane@Wanchai (9 Nov morning)

Take a tram ride and discover old Wanchai with your peers in a crisp autumn morning on 9 November.  Explore how heritage buildings such as Wanchai Post Office, Viva Blue Cluster nestle in a forest of skyscrapers.  Apply on or before 7 November noon.

Interested in Creating New Activities?

Students who are interested in co-creating a daily cultural integration activity with CEDARS can sign up here or contact the Student Development Team of CEDARS at