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The CHATnCHILL Programme comprises regular chit-chatting activities amongst local and non-local students. The objectives of the Programme are:

  1. To encourage students to take a lead to promote dialogue amongst students from diverse background in a casual daily setting.
  2. To impart the importance of open-mindedness and mutual respect in a pluralistic social environment.
  3. To provide a platform for students to acquire and strengthen intercultural communication skills.

Role of Co-Creator

  1. Each co-creator can choose a topic and design his/her chit-chatting or getaway activity. The activity has to be related to the daily living of local Hong Kong citizens.  It can be as simple as touring a thematic street, visiting a local HK cafe etc. Creative endeavours of other co-creators can be viewed here. Both face-to-face and /or virtual activities are welcome, subject to the development of pandemic in the community.
  2. The co-creator is expected to plan and lead the activity as well. Each co-creator will be asked to submit a reflection report upon completion of the activity.

Role of CEDARS

CEDARS will help each co-creator to publicise the activity and recruit activity participants.  Honorarium will be provided.

Activity’s Requirement

  1. Each activity has to be related to the daily living of Hong Kong local citizens (excluding cultural and performing arts).
  2. Each activity must be conducted in English.
  3. Each activity will last for approximately 2 hours.
  4. Each activity will cater to 3 to 6 participants.  Must consist of both local and non-local student participants.
  5. Each activity must meet the following objectives :
    1. enable participants to gain new perspective and open-mindedness by coming into contact with the dynamic local environment and social setting;
    2. allow participants to engage in discussion and gain a better understanding about varieties in the local community;
    3. facilitate cultural exchange and integration of local and non-local students; and
    4. provide a platform for participants to build up social network.


Application is open from now until 2 February.  Applicants will be invited to attend an idea jamming session as well as a networking cum briefing session on 19 February evening.


Enquiries can be directed to Student Development Team of CEDARS at