Student Induction Instructors (SII)

This year, the programme highlights are as follows:

21 to 25 August Speed-Friending (via Zoom)
27 Aug (Thu) Goal Setting (via Zoom)
28 to 29 Aug (Fri & Sat) Inspirational Activities (via Zoom)
Semester 1 High Table (in person at Loke Yew Hall)
Early September University Adjustment IG Challenge

Role of SII

Being an SII, you will serve as a leader and a peer mentor for new students.  This year, most of you will be leading a group of 10 new students by yourself and your primary role is as follows:

  1. Leader of a group of 12 new students to participate in a series of CEDARS induction activities;
  2. Facilitator in the goal setting activities and interactive activities in High Table;
  3. Moderator of a dialogue session between speakers and your teammates in the ‘Inspirational Activities’;
  4. Act as the Content Specialist in the ‘University Adjustment IG Challenge’; and
  5. Peer mentor of your teammates from September to December 2020.

Time Commitment

This year, most activities of the CEDARS Induction Programme will be held virtually via Zoom. Though you will only be required to facilitate and moderate your own group’s goal setting session and inspirational activities session, we will only inform you of your group’s assigned timeslots after 24 August.  We therefore require your full commitment of the following timeslots at this stage:

SII Training Session (via Zoom) 18 August pm or 19 August am
Goal Setting Session (via Zoom) 27 August am or pm
Inspirational Activity (via Zoom) 28 Aug am / pm / evening /
29 Aug am
High Table (in person on campus) Semester 1
University Adjustment IG Challenge (on-line tasks)
  • 5-day trial run from 19 Aug to 23 Aug and
  • Coach your teammates to participate in from 31 Aug to 5 Sep


In honour of your contribution, you will be rewarded with:

  1. CEDARS reward points;
  2. HK$200 honorarium; and
  3. Exclusive souvenir.

Application Method

If you are interested, please sign up at on or before 31 July 2020 (Friday).  Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a Zoom selection interview.