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F:A:C:E: Choice & Sharing Sessions - Jungle Book reimagined by Akram Khan Company (UK) | 藝文「傾」- 《叢林奇譚》再造版



F:A:C:E: Choice & Sharing Sessions - Jungle Book reimagined by Akram Khan Company (UK)

Application Form
(For ALL HKU students)

 F:A:C:E: Choice provides recommended arts and cultural programmes to students throughout the year. To widen students’ horizons in arts and culture, ticket subsidies will be offered to HKU students to encourage appreciation of different art forms of performances or films. 
In Session 2, we have picked a dance performance Jungle Book reimagined by Akram Khan Company (UK), which is part of the New Vision Arts Festival 2022 ( 

Interested students can apply via the link below, register for the performance, and discuss with our student host in the sharing session. A full ticket subsidy will be offered upon attendance of both the performance and the sharing session. 

F:A:C:E: Choice為同學介紹文化藝術節目,提供港大學生門票資助,鼓勵同學欣賞不同類型的表演藝術或電影,擴闊學生對文化藝術的視野。今次我們挑選了「艾甘・漢舞蹈團」製作的《叢林奇譚》再造版,參加同學可透過以下連結報名觀看舞蹈表演,然後出席藝文「傾」,與學生主持交流觀看心得,便可取得門票的全額資助。 

Dance Performance: Jungle Book reimagined by Akram Khan Company (UK) 《叢林奇譚》再造版 

Performance Date
Date: 11/11/2022 (Fri) 
Time: 20:00 – 22:00 
Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre 
Ticket fee*: HK$180 
Quota: 10 

Sharing Session
Student Host: Lucy Lu (MSocSc, Year 1)
Date: 14/11/2022 (Mon) 
Time: 16:30 – 18:00 
Venue: GE Gatherland 240 (MB240, 2/F, Main Building)  
Language: English 

* Fully refundable upon attendance of the performance on 11/11 and sharing session on 14/11. 


To enrol, please complete the form below and settle the payment by bank transfer.
Please pay the fee ($180) by bank transfer and upload the scanned copy or screen capture of the pay-in slip which clearly shows the transaction date, amount and account number here. Please keep the original slip as CEDARS-GE may collect it later. A receipt will be emailed to you when your application is successful.

Payment details for online enrolment:
- Account Name: The University of Hong Kong
- Bank Name: HSBC
- Account Number: 002-222834-001


The quota is FULL!