GEST Recruitment (First Semester, 2022 - 2023): Event Assistant & Moderator


GEST Recruitment (First Semester, 2022 - 2023): Event Assistant & Moderator

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GEST is an integral part of GE.

Being a GEST member, not only makes the GE events successful and fantastic, but learns and laughs at a fun and cosy environment. We need a strong team of GEST moderators and event assistants in place to make our programmes engaging, smooth and fruitful.

Event Assistant – From escorting guests to their seats (virtual: admitting individuals to the Zoom meeting), showing attendees where to go (virtual: assigning participants to breakout rooms), to distributing pamphlets, we need your hand.

Moderator – Make GE events smooth, stimulating and lively by guiding the discussion and asking thought-provoking questions.


Honorarium will be offered to certain job duties. Details will be announced on a job basis.
All GEST members will earn Reward Points under CEDARS Reward Scheme for Students ( when they perform their duties. Certificates will be presented to the students in recognition of their contribution subject to the Reward Points accumulated.

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