Global News Chat - Student Hosts Recruitment (First Semester, 2020-21)

Global News Chat - Student Hosts Recruitment
(First Semester, 2020-21)

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We are living in a globalised world with news circulating across the Internet instantly. Just with a click on your smartphones, you can read the news happening thousands of miles away. To facilitate some in-depth discussion on significant international and regional news, Global News Chat invites students from various backgrounds to share their personal views and insights on the issues that they care about. In the previous semesters, students from the UK, India, Norway, Maldives, Singapore, Poland, and Hong Kong, have been our hosts. If you want to tell others about what’s happening in your countries and facilitate discussions, please sign up!

And as we would be using online platform for the sharing sessions this semester, we encourage student hosts to invite a guest speaker from their countries who can join the discussion.

Dates: 29/9/2020, 20/10/2020, 17/11/2020 (Tue); each session will be curated by different hosts
Time: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm (HK Time)
Venue: Conducted via online platform

Personal Information
For exchange student, please type N/A if you do not have UID at the moment.