Learn More about Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support

We are committed to supporting students with disabilities or SEN in overcoming barriers and achieving successful university education.

At CEDARS – CoPE, you will receive professional advice on learning and adjustment. Besides, you will also gain unfailing peer support in our programmes and activities.


Support for Students with SEN

We provide comprehensive service and support to facilitate students with SEN for their university adjustment and learning:

  • Information on campus facilities
  • Learning aids / equipment
  • Funding resources
  • Employment preparation
  • Special examination arrangements
  • Volunteer / buddy support
  • Study skills coaching
  • And more…… 

Registration for SEN Support is voluntary, and students are free to withdraw at any time without any consequences. To learn more about our support services, please visit our website https://www.cedars.hku.hk/cope/sen-support.


SEN – Peer Impact Network (PIN) 2019-20

Small Act Big Impact

SEN PIN is a vibrant student network that offers a range of service opportunities for students to work with people with disabilities or SEN, creating an impact that extends beyond the campus.

SEN PIN members provide interesting, trend-setting, and down-to-earth services that address issues of social inclusion, diversity, and SEN. Their service experiences have touched the hearts of not only the recipients but also the members themselves.

Upon joining this meaningful Network, you can choose different service programmes according to your interests and availability. You will work with other students who share a similar vision to serve and learn. Our professional staff will offer briefing and training sessions to equip you for the services.


  • To promote positive attitudes towards diversity and social inclusion
  • To encourage active engagement with people with disabilities or SEN
  • To gain new perspectives and values on human potentials

The key services under SEN PIN 2019-20 are:

  1. Study Support – practical peer support to students with SEN on campus
  2. HEaRT@cafe330 – work with people in recovery of mental illness in a relaxing cafe operated by a social enterprise at HKU
  3. Front-of-House Volunteer at Relaxed Theatre – facilitate audience with SEN to enjoy theatre experience (1st Semester, 2019-20)
  4. Guided Social Coaching – conduct social skills coaching for peers with social difficulties (2nd Semester, 2019-20)

For more details, please visit our website: https://www.cedars.hku.hk/cope/sen-support/sen-pin