Living On The Water

The southern part of Hong Kong Island is one of the major fishing ports of Hong Kong. The water route from Aberdeen via Lamma Island, Stanley Bay, Tai Tam Bay, Po Toi Islands, Lo Chau and Sung Kong to Waglan Island, which is the most southern island of Hong Kong, is where fishermen set their nets for fishing in the past. Therefore both Aberdeen and Stanley have a long fishing history. Fisherman is not only an occupation, but also a cultural identity.  Fishermen called themselves “water communities”. They grow up from the water, and get used to living on the water.  Though the fishing industry in Hong Kong is not as prosperous as before, the history of the water communities is still a living history.  We hope that that public concern about the history of local fisheries and water communities in the Southern District can be aroused through fishermen’s oral histories.

Since March 2016, a series of innovative and interactive activities, themed as “Living on the Water”, has been held by We Are With You Project, to share the lived experiences of the water communities with the public.



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