Residences Activities

The Housing Team of Campus Life offers programmes and experiences that are continually evaluated and complementary to non-hall and off-campus living experience. In 2016-2017, student housing colleagues and Honorary Resident Tutors worked hard to host six activities to ensure residents of Student Flats, Pokfield Road Residences, Ching Lin Terrace Residence, and University-rented Off-campus housing were supported and had an enjoyable local experience across the year.

Activities planned for 2017-2018

Dim Sum Lunch – September 19
U-Hall Visit and Mid-Autumn Fire Dragon Parade – October 4
Badminton Night – October
Hiking – Lung Fu Shan Country Park and The Peak Galleria – November
Movie Night – November
Tram Tour- December
Frisbees Night- January
Dumpling Making Night- February
Couplets Writing- February
Chinese New Year Flower Market Tour- February
Cultural Tour and Poon Choi Dinner in a walled-village- February
Cycling and BBQ in Tai Po- March
Squid Fishing in Sai Kung- April