We are a group of GFP ambassadors. This year, we will initiate some fun-filled activities, aiming to facilitate meaningful cultural exchange and interactions between local and non-local students. You can make friends around the world while enjoying social events and cultural activities. Let’s join us to explore life and culture in Hong Kong. How we are different and how we are the same.


Asra Sainju / Year 2 / Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

I’m from Nepal, but was born and raised in Hong Kong. Welcome to the HKU family! I am absolutely thrilled to explore various cultures, activities, and events with you on campus very soon.


Hanry Ng / Year 4 / Bachelor of Social Work

New Zealand would be my first choice for travel after the pandemic. I’m yearning to go somewhere that will satisfy my “traveling hunger”. During lockdown, I viewed a number of YouTube vacation vlogs, the most interesting of which was skydiving in Queenstown. I can’t wait to have my own adventure!!!!


Hayley Chong / Year 2 / Bachelor of Business Administration

A lot of people might think that green represents life, but to me, it’s red. Just like the color of blood running through our veins, red symbolizes life but with passion. Red is also a very strong color symbolizing strength, thus it is my favorite color. My favorite animal is the lion, you can probably guess why 😀


Kelly Yang / Year 3 / Bachelor of Business Administration

As a GFP ambassador, I (and other ambassadors) will introduce you to the fascinating Hong Kong culture. You will form groups with other local and non-local students and explore different cultures together. Looking forward to seeing all of you on campus!


Ming Yuen / Year 4 / Bachelor of Arts

I love alpacas and I am also a foodie! My secret skill is that I can eat A LOT. Let’s explore the nice food on and around the campus!


Nicole Leung / Year 2 / Bachelor of Social Sciences

I’m a fan of rugby and the Lord of the Rings trilogy growing up, so it’s not a complete surprise that my most wanted travel destination is New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to road trip across a country so hopefully I’ll get the chance someday!”


Victor Law / Year 1 / Bachelor of Arts & Sciences

Green, my favorite color, which is a sign of life and growth. Turtle, my favorite animal, which represents perseverance and peace. I aspire to be like a green sea turtle, striving to foster personal growth and help build trustworthy relationships between locals and non-locals.


Yusuf Mohideen / Year 3 / Bachelor of Social Sciences

I’m a local student but ethnically a Tamilian. I’m double majoring in Psychology & Neuroscience. My favorite cuisine isn’t limited to one food category, it’s anything homemade because anything made with the hands without all the extra oil and condiments taste objectively palatable and healthier.


Zita Leung / Year 4 / Bachelor of Science

Happy to meet you all! You should come from different countries and having an exploration in Hong Kong. Hope you found it an amazing city. I also like exploring the world and I would like to travel to the Maldives to enjoy the sunny beach after the pandemic. Hope it will come true next year:)