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Support for Students with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN)

CEDARS is committed to supporting students with disabilities or special educational needs (SEN) in overcoming barriers and achieving successful university education. It is the one stop service unit for students with physical and sensory disabilities, learning and developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, chronic medical illnesses, or more than one disabilities.

It provides comprehensive service and support to facilitate your university adjustment and learning:

•  Accessible routing

•  Information on campus facilities

•  Support for application for special housing arrangements

•  Special classroom and examination arrangements

•  On-loan learning aids / equipment

•  Information on funding resources to procure learning aids / equipment / services

•  Study skills coaching

•  Peer support

•  Employment preparation

•  Counselling service

•  And more …..

For more details about the SEN service, please contact CEDARS-SEN Support.


Tel: 3917 8388


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