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Student Groups and Networks

The Hong Kong University Students’ Union (HKUSU)

The HKUSU,  the  largest  student body  established on-campus since  1912,  is a non-profit organisation and the only official student body serving more than 16,000 students of the University of Hong Kong.

Student bodies of HKUSU include campus media and around 130 affiliated student organisations, each with distinctive objectives and functions that cater to the diverse interest of the student population. These students bodies are categorised into five main groups: Faculty and Academic Societies, Hall Students’ Associations, Sports Clubs (forming Sports Association, HKUSU), Cultural Clubs (forming Cultural Association, HKUSU)  and  Independent Clubs (forming Independent Clubs Association, HKUSU).

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The Postgraduate Student Association (PGSA)

The PGSA has been serving postgraduate students and  alumni  for  more than twenty years. Postgraduate students can make new friends under the welcoming atmosphere from the beginning of the postgraduate journey.

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Student Associations, Clubs and Societies

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iMAP is an online social networking platform for the HKU community exclusively. Members can search for private accommodation nearby, look for flatmates and other fellow students by interest, talent, nationality, current location and overseas experience etc. They can also stay in touch with the rest of the HKU community and share their travel experience while abroad. To register, please visit