First Year Experience – HKU

2018 Induction Activities

At the start of every academic year, Faculties, Departments and other University Offices (e.g. Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), University Health Service (UHS), HKU Libraries etc.) organise induction activities for new HKU students. The Induction Programme series of CEDARS, the Inauguration Ceremony, and the Peer Connect and High Table Dinner are just some of the exciting examples on offer. All these activities are designed to help you integrate with the rest of the University and to cultivate your sense of identity as a member of HKU.

CEDARS Induction Programmes





Weeks of Welcome (WoW)

The Weeks of Welcome for Non-local Students Programme (WoW) is comprised of a series of fun and fact-finding activities to assist the newly arrived students to settle down, induct into the local way and get to know about the new environment and people. Local students will serve as student hosts to lead these activities and introduce HKU and Hong Kong to new students.

Aug 23 – Oct, 2018 & one week before the second semester Various Places
CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table

The CEDARS Peer Connect and High Table is the flagship programme held in the last week of August to put first-year undergraduates from different Faculties and countries of origin into small groups. Under the guidance of Student Induction Instructors (SIIs), new students will set ambitious yet realistic personal goals and explore the ideal of a university. They will also be engaged in intellectual dialogue with alumni, staff members and student leaders on themes such as culture, aesthetics, environment and advocacy for a better world. The High Table is the pinnacle and concluding event to induce a sense of pride and identity with the University. Upon completion of the Peer Connect and High Table, participants would be able to redeem a Green Gown, one of the most wanted HKU collectables that is available nowhere else!!


Part I:
Aug 25, 2018
9:30am – 6pm
Lecture Hall II (CPD-LG.07-10), LG/F, Centennial Campus and Various Locations
Part II:
Aug 26, 2018
3:00 – 8:30pm
HKU campus and Loke Yew Hall
Inauguration Ceremony for New Students

The Inauguration Ceremony is the first formal University gathering for new students. Students will meet the President and Vice-Chancellor, senior academics, alumni bodies and the President of HKUSU. The President and Vice- Chancellor will give an inaugural address and host the Robing Ceremony during which new students will put on the HKU traditional Green Gown.

Aug 29, 2018
10 – 11am
The Grand Hall,
Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre
Financing Your University Studies

At this session, students who are in financial needs will be given information on the types of financial assistance, First-in-the-Family Education Fund and scholarships available. Tips on financial management and ways to secure part-time jobs will also be shared.


Aug 29, 2018
2:30 – 5pm
KB223, Knowles Building
Orientation for Non-local Students and HKUSU Fair

This is  an orientation session designed for the newly arrived  non-local  students.  Topics include knowing HKU and Hong Kong, adjustment tips, safety concerns, immigration formalities and meeting staff and students. HKUSU will host a welcome fair afterwards to introduce the new students to their student clubs and associations.


Aug 31, 2018
10am – 5pm
The Grand Hall,
Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre and various places on campus
WoW Party

This is an evening of fun, party and music for students to celebrate their new identity as a HKU member, and as a university student.


Aug 31, 2018
7- 10:30pm
Loke Yew Hall
CEDARS Global Career Springboard Scheme (CGCSS) Week

Take a leap into the world! CEDARS Global Career Springboard Scheme (CGCSS) enriches students’ global exposure and international career learning experience. Every year, the Scheme offers  International Internships and  Career Exploration Programmes in over 50 locations around the globe.

There will be an exhibition counter and a series of concurrent sessions at the CGCSS Week covering:

  • Information sessions on various international internship and career exploration programmes
  • Seminars and sharing sessions of past participants
  • The account registration and application methods



Sep 2018 HKU Main Campus

Eat To-Gather


Eating together as a family is highly valued in the Chinese culture, as it is one of the best opportunities to connect with one another.

In this programme, non-local students / pals will enjoy a homey meal with a local host family to have an authentic taste of the family life in Hong Kong. Local students are invited to join as “foodmates” to the non-locals in these family meals and gatherings. Beyond the dining table, this programme provides the backdrop to enhance integration by engaging both the local and non-local students in deeper cultural exchange through exploring the social and cultural dimensions of food in family meals and gatherings.



Oct 2018 – Apr 2019 HKU, home visits and places as arranged by host families or CEDARS
University Life Trio

University Life Trio is an event organised by CEDARS exclusively for parents of the first-year undergraduate students, with the aim of facilitating communication between parents and the University, while emphasizing student autonomy and self-determination.

Jan/ Feb 2019 HKU Main Campus
Be Smart: Plan for your First CV! Key contents of this workshop:

  • Steps for writing the very first  CV
  • What makes good and bad CVs
  • Resources and support offered by CEDARS – Careers and Placement

Event details will be announced in “Daily Jobs & Career Events” email from CEDARS-Careers and Placement.

2nd Semester HKU Main Campus
Preparing for your Upcoming Job Interviews Key contents of this workshop:

  • What interviewers look for in a candidate
  • Learn great answers to tough questions
  • Related resources and support offered by CEDARS-Careers and Placement

Event details will be announced in “Daily Jobs & Career Events” email from CEDARS-Careers and Placement.


2nd Semester HKU Main Campus
Your Studies and Career: What to Consider? Key contents of this workshop:

  • Whether career is related to major/minor or not
  • Things to consider when planning for studies and career
  • Related resources and support offered by CEDARS-Careers and Placement

Event details will be announced in “Daily Jobs & Career Events” email from CEDARS-Careers and Placement.


2nd Semester HKU Main Campus
Job Search Strategies

This workshop is for both local and non-local students who are planning to look for internships, summer jobs or full-time positions in Hong Kong.

Key content of this workshop:

  • Learn some of the effective ways to jump-start your job search
  • Related resources and support offered by CEDARS-Careers and Placement

Event details will be announced in “Daily Jobs & Career Events” email by CEDARS-Careers and Placement.


2nd Semester HKU Main Campus
Support for Students with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN)

This is a comprehensive service for students with disabilities or special educational needs (SEN). Visit the website to find out what support is available in your university life.



Throughout the  year Rm 301-323, 3/F, Main Building
Person Enrichment (PE) Workshops Each semester, a great variety of small group interactive workshops in three key areas are offered to help you achieve university success and live a well-balanced life:

  • Confidence & Social Communication
  • Relaxation & Resilience
  • Thinking & Study Skills


Throughout the year HKU Main Campus
Leadership and Life Skills Training Programme (LLS)

This programme is designed to facilitate students to develop attributes and skills that enable them to survive in today’s highly competitive world. It also prepares students to make a contribution to society.

Facilitated by professional counsellors and instructors, participants will join intensive self-reflection sessions on their personal values, strengths and limitations, as well as leadership skill building activities. They will also have the opportunity to receive genuine and constructive feedback from peers and form a supportive learning community.

Key feature activities include:

  • Workshops on self-understanding, leadership and teamwork
  • Outdoor adventure camp
  • Experiential learning to put theories into practice and consolidate personal growth


Once a year HKU Main Campus and various locations
Student Development Programmes

Educational programmes on leadership development, community engagement and global citizenship as well as funding opportunities for student-initiated projects are available to meet your interests and development goals.


Throughout the year Various Places