Who will Benefit ?


All HKU full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in UGC-funded programmes are eligible to apply for the Scheme.  Both local and non-local students can apply.

Selection Criteria

  1. It is a non-academic merit base award.  All applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Entry method, merit, significance, reputation, professionalism, impact and other relevant factors of the conference/competition/programme
  • Applicant’s contributions, involvement and commitment to the project
  • Applicant’s knowledge and interest in the subject
  • Applicant’s experience and skills
  • Applicant’s track record
  1. Applicants should provide sufficient information to demonstrate the merit and worthiness of the activity they intend to participate.  Recommendations from faculties, professional bodies and experts in the field can be used as supporting documents.

Scope of Support

Ho King Chun Leadership Fund

  1. Undergraduate and taught postgraduate (UGC-funded programmes) applicants are expected to make use of the Ho King Chun Leadership Fund to PRESENT PAPERS at overseas academic conferences, symposia, congresses, conventions and other scholarship exchange activities. Please read Q3 on FAQ for further details.
  1. In principle, the Ho King Chun Leadership Fund does NOT support research postgraduate applicants (including PhD, MPhil) to attend academic conferences, symposia, congresses, conventions, and other scholarship exchange activities. RPG students are expected to make use of other available university fundings to attend overseas conferences and other academic activities. Please read Q2 on FAQ.
  1. Applicants’ participation in academic exchange programmes (half-year/whole year/short term), summer programmes, workshops, field trips will NOT be considered favorably as well.

Ho Wing Hing Talent Fund
Priority will be accorded to those applicants who can provide demonstrated good track record in the related field.

Tsang Lang Service Learning Fund
Tsang Lang Service Learning Fund does NOT support student volunteers who merely participate in organised service trips or any other voluntary work/programmes. More details at Q4 of FAQ.

Selection Mechanism

Applications will be collected by CEDARS. A Selection Panel comprising Dean of Student Affairs, a Senior Student Advising Officer and a teaching staff member will assess applications and decide on the awards. CEDARS may co-opt additional teachers and community leaders to join the panel as appropriate. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Selection Panel, if necessary.