The Scheme

In 2013, the Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme (the Scheme) was established with the generous support from Mr. Chui Wai-Kwan (徐維均), in memory of his late mothers.  He also encouraged his friends to donate to this Scheme on the occasion of his new restaurant’s opening.  It is Mr. Chui’s wish to support student development and help students realizing their dreams.

‘Resources are very important to student development, thus I am more than happy to contribute and help the students to realise their dreams’, said Mr. Chui Wai-Kwan, a renowned Master Chef and staunch supporter of the University.

Chui's photo 1 Chui's photo 2


The purpose of the Scheme is to support outstanding HKU full-time students to attend prestigious conferences and symposia, join esteemed competitions; and those with a proven record in services and service learning to initiate and lead such projects to improve human condition.

Award Category

The Scheme comprises three distinct awards:

  • Ho King Chun Leadership Fund (何琼珍卓越領袖基金) aims to support outstanding students to attend prestigious academic conferences, symposia, congresses, conventions, and other scholarship exchange activities.
  • Ho Wing Hing Talent Fund (何恵卿卓越才能基金) aims to support outstanding students to participate in prestigious arts, cultural, sports and academic competitions to demonstrate their talents.
  • Tsang Lang Service Learning Fund (曾蓮卓越服務學習基金) aims to support outstanding student volunteers to initiate and lead service and service learning projects to improve human condition.